Safe Harbour…a place for new beginnings.

Safe Harbour’s mission is to provide families with an alternative to family violence. We offer safety, encouragement and support. Safe Harbour provides shelter, counseling, advocacy, support groups and community awareness education.

Some of our families arrive with just the clothes they had on when they had to flee their home. We hope that Safe Harbour is their new beginning, as we provide for all of their needs while in shelter. Our goal is to create a safe place for families to stay by providing a confidential shelter and a supportive living environment that allows domestic violence victims to make informed choices about their future.

When someone calls Safe Harbour, we can help in many ways.  We offer crisis counseling and referrals to other area services as necessary. If someone is seeking shelter, we determine their needs and help them decide if shelter is the right alternative. Sometimes, just talking to one of our trained caregivers gives the victim a new perspective to make decisions about their future. Our legal advocates will accompany them through proceedings in Court and our support groups always welcome new members who want to change the direction of their lives. Education about domestic violence is critical to helping our clients make informed decisions about their lives.

Are you abused?

  1. Are you blamed whenever things go wrong?
  2. Are you limited to doing only what your partner wants?
  3. Is your partner a “nasty” drunk or drug user?
  4. Are you forbidden to use money for yourself or your children?
  5. Is your partner jealous of outside friendships?
  6. Does he/she have a “Jekyll & Hyde” personality?
  7. Do you make excuses for your partner’s behavior?
  8. Do you do more of the work – paid or unpaid?
  9. Are you forced to have sex after you’ve said “no”?
  10. Do you need your partner’s permission to do things?
  11. Are you punished for misbehaving?
  12. Was your partner or his/her mother abused?
  13. Does your partner humiliate you in public?
  14. Do you live in fear of your loved ones?
  15. Is there a scene if you disagree with your partner?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please call Safe Harbour at 419-626-2200 or 800-953-2207 and talk to one of our trained caregivers.

We are here to help you stop the violence in your life.